Sunday, January 26, 2014


Look a post!! With a purpose! So, I said I was going to do a post sometime today, so here I am. Yesterday was a lot of fun. My mom, sister, and I went help make no sew blankets at a fabric store to be donated to a children's hospital. They were so cute! I wasn't able to get a picture of the full things but the blue ones had astronauts on them and the pink ones had unicorns.
Wearing: Forever 21 skirt, Ross shirt, Payless shoes, Maurice's cardigan

After that we pretty much just went home and rested for a while before I had to get ready to go to Who's Who (a dance at my school).

Wearing: Modcloth dress, Forever 21 shoes

Who's Who was so much fun. We went to this Mexican restaurant before and to McDonald's afterward. Since I'm awful at planning in advance I picked out what i was going to wear 15 minutes before it was time to leave. I think I did a pretty good job.
For anyone that's interested I made a Bloglovin account. I'm going to put a button attached to that somewhere on my blog. Feel free to follow me on there and on Instagram and Tumblr.
See you later!!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Hello there!

Hi there!!! It looks like I have started a blog. If somehow you find this before I put a real post up (I'm not counting this one, since this is going to be more of a fashion type blog) then I apologize and promise that I will put up an outfit post sometime probably tomorrow.

I promise I really won't just post dark photos of my room. They're sort of depressing. Anyway, I'm Claudia. I'm 16 (almost 17), and have been told that I wear cute clothes. Granted, half of those clothes belong to my sister, but I still get my wear out of them. I'm a professional procrastinator, and a writer. Sometimes I try to act and sometimes I think that I'm good at it. I consider myself an optimist, but with a dark sense of humor. I'm generally a happy person, so that's a good thing. I hope that this blog will be a lot of fun. I'll do a post after I wear a cute outfit (weekends and holidays) or when I go to some sort of event (which I will probably look cute for.

I feel bad that the only picture of me you get to see right now is my feet. But if you look at my instagram (there's a link on the right) then you'll get to see me wearing glasses which generally doesn't happen unless I'm sleeping.

So, I guess that's it. I have a dance and am volunteering to make felt blankets tomorrow so I'll probably post about that on Sunday. See you later!